Art Print Gifts - Svetla & Ivan

Welcome to Art Print Gifts!

We are glad that you are here to learn more about us. We are family graphic designers and we are together in everything, in our personal life and work. We have many common interests for 27 years than we are together. Our greatest passion is painting, creating beautiful designs for prints of paper, mugs and canvas prints. We are a perfect team when we get there to decide which design is best suited and what will do our customers would really happy.

Over the years, in our life together and work, we have learned many important truths. One of them is that the most valuable thing is to make people happy. We are genuinely satisfied with the high valuation of our work and are proud of our thousands of customers around the world who have trusted us over the years to date. We love to travel when we can :), love classic and rock music, love jazz.

We love infinitely our grown son and our two cats, who never let us get bored, love good cuisine and pleasant conversations with friends. We are dreamers. But first of all, we have the responsibilities to our customers. To our great happiness, some of them are already our good friends and we are very happy about the mutual trust we have built. We sincerely hope that our work is attractive to you and will give joy not only for your eyes, but also for the invisible senses, which are ordinary and human, but in the meantime sublime and essential.